Thursday, August 09, 2007

YearlyKos Pickup Lines (Some Explicit)

The big hullabaloo that is YearlyKos seems increasingly to attract attention from Democrats in (imaginary) power and various bloggers who are "pro-regressive" or not. Even though its attendees are not diverse, a point that causes sensitive reactions (read through the comments) among its enthusiasts, there seems to be great diversity in how members express their uniform hatred of President Bush, the US military, Israel, and more. I've heard that there is, as well, a highly diverse range of pickup lines among "Kossacks" although all show a remarkable conformity in the themes used to initiate contact with the opposite sex, when it can be found. Some samples follow:

1. What say you and me ditch this and really stick it to Bush, somewhere private?
2. I'll let you net my root any time.
3. One night with me and you'll be moaning and breathing so hard you'll need carbon offsets from Al Gore.
4. Has anyone ever told you how much you look like Nancy (Pelosi)/Rigoberta MenchĂș/Cindy Sheehan/Medea Benjamin/one of Castro's women/Nexhmije Hoxha?
5. How'd you like to engage in some highly localized global warming?
6. If I were a neocon/Zionist/Bushie/Christian, you wouldn't need to yell about screwing me, 'cause I'll let you do it.
7. You know Condoleeza? I've been called the Condom-pleaser.
8. Hi, my name's Karl, and I wanna Rove all over you.
9. I've got a Dick, and you've got a Bush, so let's get exploiting!
10. I'm not an Iraqi, but if you let me, I-raq-U.
11. If it weren't for the vast right-wing conspiracy, I would never have found a lady as perfect as you.
12. Bushitler has nothing on the inside job I'll give you, if you let me.
13. To tell the truth, I'm a conservative. How about coming with me to see how the Other Half lives?
14. If you do me, I'll tell Kos about it in my Diary.
15. How'd you like to make it with a Kos Diarist?
16. You can question my patriotism all you like if you just climb my flagpole.
17. Forget G-spots: Lemme stoke your G-had!
18. Bag me and you've only got 71 more virgins to go.
19. Democratic Underground is more hard-core than this stuff. Come with me and we can explore my Democratic Underpants.
20. My parents' house is just 10 minutes down the street. My dad's away on business and I can call my mom to have her go shopping for me. We'd have the whole house to ourselves for about two hours. Whattaya say?