Friday, March 14, 2008

Al Franken (D), Asshole

I happened across this Star Tribune article about how alpha wanker Al Franken, currently running for a Senate seat, mocked the physical tic of a college student identified by other students as a conservative—the minority it's recommended to bash and offend—after the kid avoided having his picture taken with Franken. Franken also, as many leftist statists are wont to do, drilled him with a flow of aggressive accusative questions about the student's assumed views and models. Despite the abuse, the kid offered to shake Francine's hand; Franken refused. His minders probably aware of what an insufferable immature jerk Franken had just shown himself to be, he was hustled away. President of the Carleton College Democrats, Pablo Kenney, backs up the abused student's story.

If only video footage existed! See ya, Senate hopes. Then again, for many "liberal" Democrats, such footage would probably confirm their beliefs that Al is indeed "one of us."

Al Franken: Democrat, "funny" guy, ass****. This story reminds me of many "tolerant and liberal" people I've met, especially Ontarians and Left Coasters.