Monday, May 21, 2007

Al Qaeda Torture Manual

Recently I was led to an alleged Al Qaeda torture manual (graphic pictures—beware!) liberated by US forces from a house in Iraq. I don’t know much about the credibility of The Smoking Gun, but I’ve seen it referred to in various online sources.

Whether the source is credible or not, pictures from the manual’s illustrated pages, such as using a clothes iron on some poor victim, are made even more insidious by the fact that almost every torturer is smiling: The Al Qaeda goons are loving what they’re doing, and they want the readers to share the Islamic zealot’s love; my guess is there is also a macabre psychological tactic too: Surely the victim’s condition will be worsened (and his/her will more quickly broken) by a smiling torturer, some so evil they enjoy what they’re doing, someone confident in their ability to torture with impunity.

Michael Moore calls the Muslims reading this manual “freedom fighters,” and many “progressives” agree. It seems that, to the fans of "freedom fighters," putting Iraqis in sexually humiliating positions is much worse than gouging out their eyes, drilling through their hands, or burning their torsos with clothing irons. Personally, I see elitist multicultural nonsense and paternalistic racism at work: It’s OK if those backward ethnic types do it, because it’s part of their culture, so who are we to judge? (lowering voice) Besides, they don’t know any better anyway? Snicker.

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